Thursday, August 18, 2016

Summertime in the Principal's Office

I had to break out a new "Hiring Folder" then sift through applications, interview and make reference calls.  It is always fun to call the top candidate and say, "We'd love to have you as a member of our middle school family."
In preparation for our move to a new building next fall, I took the opportunity to clean out some files, which meant lots of recycling...
and lots of shredding...
and lots of paperclips.
Of course there are shipments of supplies that come in...
and someone has to fill the pop machine.

Summer Band Lessons
Vocal and Piano Lessons
SMS is home to Mr. Thompson and Mr. Jedlicka and the Driver's Ed kids.
I had to take time out a couple of days a week to check in on Payton and the freshmen baseball team.
7th grade softball provided a nice break during some sunny lunch breaks.
In addition to cleaning the inside of the building, the Maintenance Staff improved the landscaping.
July is time to close the door - or at least hope to - for awhile.
Summertime means less homework, and time to enjoy the neighborhood kids.
One was proud to show me she can ride her new bike.
The gym floor got it's annual shining.
Summertime is a great time to try out new recipes.
No summer vacation, but the annual trip to Fort Dodge continued.
Ali and Emily had to wear the spectator bands this time.
An unexpected trip to Des Moines for the State Baseball Tournament rounded out July.
A lighter schedule allows me to keep up with my lawn...
and for a friendly Grandfather, Father, Son round of golf.
I continued to drive by the new middle school on a daily basis.
Our Media Center might be a slight upgrade.
And what summer would be complete without a driveway game of Don't Break the Ice?
The grill gets used a little more regularly in the summer months.
August officially brings me back to the office and our annual SAI conference in Des Moines.  I'm thankful for such motivating speakers, helping us us gear up for the start of another school year.