Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Back on My Feet

I had been considering redesigning my webpage - mainly because of my increasing interest in my blog.  I'm not sure how many followed me, but I enjoyed the self-reflections and sharing my thoughts with others.  My intention was to spend a little time planning this spring and make a change over the summer months.  As luck would have it (and not the good kind of luck), my computer crashed over spring break, and I lost access to by webpage (and blog).  "No big deal.  I'll wait until summer and get another one going."  Or so I thought.  Even with all that is going on in the spring time, I guess I've learned that social media IS, after all, a priority.  Not THE priority, but evidently a bigger one than I realized.

So - welcome to my new and improved blog.....  I can't spend much time on it right now - but just to get things started, I'll share what is behind my title, "Books, Balls and Blogs."

Books - symbolizing education, which will drive most of what I share here.
Balls - symbolizing my three kids, whom will surely give me a variety things to write about.
Blogs -symbolizing my professional networks, my PLCs, where I do much of my learning. 

Thank you for joining me here - I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you.  And as always, thanks to Kathy Kaldenberg for her advice and guidance. 

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