Thursday, October 18, 2012

Month of the Young Adolescent

Middle School Parents:

Next week staff and students at Solon Middle School will participate in “Middle School Pride Week” as part of our celebration of the Month of the Young Adolescent.  The Association of Middle Level Education, the primary advocate for middle level education and the middle school philosophy, endorses a variety of activities and resources aimed at promoting the importance of an education experience designed specifically with the needs of early adolescent youth in mind.

Middle school students recommended theme days, similar to the high school’s Homecoming activities, which included a Twin Day, Dress Up Day, and of course a Spartan Spirit Day.  The week will conclude with our 5th and 6th grade lock-in, and a week later our 7th and 8th grade school dance.  At Solon Middle School, our vision and daily efforts sincerely attempt to address the unique transitional needs of middle level children while we continue to build a safe, caring and respectful community.  We believe that activities such as these help us meet these goals as well as provide students with positive memories of their middle school years. 

Among the messages that the AMLE attempts to convey through the “Month of the Young Adolescent” are the importance of knowledgeable and involved parents, the fact that healthy bodies are as important as healthy minds, and the importance of young adolescents having the opportunity to pursue his or her dreams.  It is clear that the needs of middle level students are unique and pose a great challenge for those who attempt to assist in the transition from childhood to early adulthood.  It definitely requires a team effort of school, community, parents and children to make a successful transition possible. 

I encourage you to continue to be involved in your child’s life and share in the joy of the young adolescent.  Now is the time to grasp the opportunities to build a stronger relationship with your child, continue to attend parent/teacher conferences and school functions, to become involved with the PTO, network with other parents, and to actively assist your child with his or her homework.  Now is not the time to step back, but rather step forward and become more involved in your child’s learning, his or her individual needs, goals and aspirations.  Now is the time to begin conversations about post secondary and career planning, but it is also important to seek a better understanding of the mind and body of the young adolescent’s unique needs and interests.    

Please join the middle school staff as we attempt to meet the social, emotional, academic and behavioral needs of our children.  By working together we can make the middle school years a memorable and meaningful experience and prepare your child for a successful future.   

Mike Herdliska
Middle School Principal

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