Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
Let's make 2013 a GREAT year!

Like many others, I've turned the calendar to the new year with promises to eat better, exercise more, and procrastinate less, among other things.  I do fully intend to continue improving in those areas in the coming year.  However, my resolutions for 2013 are focused on building and maintaining relationships.   While these are consistent with my goals for the school year, the changing of the calendar provides a good excuse to reflect, refocus and add a wrinkle or two.

In 2013 I will be present in my conversations.  If we are talking in person, on the phone, or digitally - you will have my full attention.   

In 2013 I will give myself to others.  I will think of not what I can gain, but what I can give to a conversation, relationship or a group.  I will seek ways to 'give back' to my students, my colleagues, my school and my community, 

In 2013 I will seek to make an impact on ALL others.  I will consciously seek out the students, staff, parents and community members I might not normally communicate with.  I will be an active participant in all meetings, groups or organizations.

I look forward to the excitement, the challenges, the changes of a new year.  Let's MAKE it a great one.


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