Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome Back

I spent some time yesterday attempting to get organized in preparation for our first day back following winter break.  Today I'll begin to focus a little more intently on the "To Do List."  However, as I excitedly prepare to get the ball rolling again, I'm always conscious of a few things in returning from break:

  1. While we lack a great deal of diversity at Solon Middle School, I do realize that it isn't "Christmas Break" for all.  For some, it is simply "Winter Break." 
  2. While our poverty level is extremely low, in comparison to other schools, we do have families that struggle throughout the year - especially during the holidays.  We do have children who find little, or nothing, under the tree - if, in fact, there is a tree. 
  3. While we sometimes feel that the school day is chaotic, and somewhat unstructured, I know that some children went home to little, or no, structure and supervision.  Some will come back longing to be 'reprogrammed' into a schedule and routine, while some will come back unwillingly from the comfort and protection that home has provided. 
  4. While many of our children kept in contact with friends through activities, texting, e-mail or play dates, for some the phone did not ring.
  5. While we will have kids come back smiling, with unbelievable stories - stories of travels, gifts and laughter, we will also have students some back silent.  For some, the their holidays were simply tragic - for whatever reason.   
The point is, while we can assume that everyone around us had a great break, that is simply not the case.  We need to be there for all kids as they walk back in the door.  We need to listen to all kids - especially the ones without an amazing story to tell.

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